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Note about Masked

I am having trouble planning the next part, so the next part will take a while to come out. If you want, you can help me out with planning! Send me a email or comment on this post about your ideas! If you needs my email it is:

TSCK Season 1, Day 1, Part 2

Note: The official hub page for this story can be found here! By following the links, you can even sign up to be an occasional character! 

“So, whatchya going to do for the assignment?” My friend, Striped Shell, was zipping around my desk asking me questions.

“I don’t know yet, Shell. The bell literally JUST rang.”


A few moments passed in silence as I tried to think of something.

“Do you have an idea now?”


“How ’bout now?”

“No, Shell.”

“What about now?”


An idea suddenly popped into my mind. It was crazy, but it was one.

“Yes! Thanks for asking so many questions, SS!”

“Can you tell me what it is?”

“Nope! See ya later!”

I leaped out of my chair and ran out the door, my notebook clutched under my arm.


Forgot to do this post and I did the first part of my story as my first post. I am gonna fix that up. Well, I am Rare Power, the new author! I have been searching for blogs like this and I finally found one!

Masked S1 E1 Holed Pizza

NOTE: The original story I made was changed up a bit, especially the title.

I was working at Papa What’s-his-face’s pizza. Hey, I can’t remember his name. Let me get onto the story. For my start, Let me just say It was hard when you couldn’t keep your customers happy with extra hard crust pizza. We were running low on normal crust pizza. Our oven wasn’t working properly, so the pizza turned extra hard. We need more money to buy a new one. But how are we supposed to do that with unhappy customers? The Bucky Lucas poster fell as We heard the bell ring. “About time we had a customer,” I said.

2 more people came in with ping pong paddles and a ball. “No playing in the pizzeria please,” I said, groaning.

“Who cares about rules?” the 2 people said.

They started playing. The customer looked at me. “Two pizza slices with holes in them, please.” the man said.

“Extra hard crust, can’t poke through it. And why would you need holes in them?” I said.

I held up the pizza slices. ” paying 30,000 bucks for it,” he replied.

I didn’t know what to do. This was our opportunity to get a new oven. But how would I make a hole in the pizza? Suddenly, someone shot a ping pong ball and it smashed through the kitchen window. The chef opened the oven and the ball went into the oven. After a moment it shot out and it was on fire. It went into the vent and popped up in front of me and burnt a hole in both slices of the pizza. “AWESOME!” the person said.

I couldn’t believe it. He gave me the money. I looked at the pizza. I took a picture of it. Then I gave him the pizza. I had to talk to the manager about unbanning playing in the pizzeria.

I am starting to feel okay about going to Reality TV island.

The Story of Cuddly Knuckle

This is The Story of Cuddly Knuckle. It’s usually referred to as TSCK. I just say, “tisk.” I will release the hub page as soon as I get home from my trip (so Monday. Maybe earlier, though). It will have all released episodes, and a page where you can sign up to be in the story.

Season 1 will be about villains. It will have about 4 Days, and each day will have no more than 10 parts. The parts of the days will be posted within a week at a time. This is the first part of the first day of the first season. Go ahead and read!


What would it be like to be one of the Poptropica villains?

The question lies in my notebook, staring blankly back at me.

I wish I would’ve never came to Shrink Ray Island. Not if it had meant I would have to go to school.

But now I’m here. Stuck in my too-small desk staring at a duplicate question on the blackboard.

What would it like to be one of the Poptropica villains?

The question jumps around my mind a little. Bouncing around, looking through the files we call memories; trying to find the answer.

“I know it is a hard question,” my teacher, Speedy Bear, was saying, “but I know all my smart thinkers can answer it!”

The bell rang and the class sprang up.

“WEEKEND BREAK!!” someone shouted.

Ms. Bear yelled something to us as we left.

“Don’t forget, class! Have that answer on my desk by Monday! Then, you all will have to prepare for Regional Science Fair!”

Well…. What do you think? I’m still trying to come up some sort of schedule for posting my story, so I won’t tell you when it’ll come out 😉 


Casting- The Story of Cuddly Knuckle!

Hey everyone!! It’s officially official!! Cuddly Knuckle will be the main character of this story, while Striped Shell will be the secondary main character.

As of right now, I have two people in for my regular spots: Smart Tooth (WimpyKidFan) and Rare Power. I ONLY HAVE TWO SPOTS LEFT!!! Comment below to gain that spot!! Comments will be open until Monday!! If only one person comments, I will only have three regular characters. If no one comments, I’ll keep the two.

Once all comments are closed, look on top for a page that says OCCASIONAL CHARACTER. Then, comment and you will be shown once or twice with that episode!!

Stay tuned for that story!!

Trusty Biker